April 20, 2014

About | Mark DeLorenzo

Mark DeLorenzo in NYC - Photograph by Kevin McCluskey

Welcome to my website. I am a free lance multimedia artist from Granby, CT. I have been into photograhy and music from the late 60's. Originally from Bristol, CT. I have been involved in many artistic projects and most of those being musical.

As a musicin, I describe myself as a "siderial bassist". I am a synthesist and guitarist, composer and performer. In 1980 with midi-horn player Bob Graham, the band Marky Music was formed. That grew into "Marky Music Acoustic with guiarists Stew Donner and Susan Mullis with Keith Michaud on drums. I then focused on solo electronic music and the recording studio end grew recording local artists like The Broken Hearts, The Bud Collins Trio, Brian Jefferson and band partner Chris Curtis. I am currently writing and recording with my son Charlie.

Always being interested in photography, I cataloged all of this activity. I embraced the digital medium and made the transition from film to digital. If there is one thing I have learned from the artist Brian Eno's work is to embrace simplicity. I am a portrait photographer who also enjoys shooting land- scapes, nature and concerts.  

My favorite subject is people. As a portrait photographer, I am looking for that moment of connection between my eye and the subject. The lighting and atmospher surrounding my subject all come together at that one moment. CLICK,,, I have the same mindset when shooting concerts. The stage and audience interaction, the power of perfomance and those moments of connections, those one time moments. Over the past few years I have worked closely with area bands Wrenchneck, Art Of The Enemy and many others

I am married to Cynthia, a wonderful woman. Our sons are active in music and multimedia. For the past 30 years I have been an active community volunteer at 91.3 FM WWUH radio, on the air as The Voice Of DeLorenzoid host of The Greatest Show From Earth radio show. The show airs Sunday night at 9:00 PM EST and can be heard on line through links at www.wwuh.org. For more info on my radio show go to www.teltan.org. 

My professional background is in the insurance industry software products. I am a technical writer, web developer and account manager for one of the leading software vendors in North America.